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Message 32 (October 2010)


“Smike gave me a lot of confidence in different ways.  It helped me the most with my singing as I have never sung a solo in a production before Smike and it has given me the confidence to do it again.  It has also shown me how horrible I can really be if I try!!  It also gave me a great experience of working with years below me as I have previously been working with older years and so it has given me more responsibility to take on more commanding and senior roles.  Smike gave me that extra bit of confidence that I think I needed this year to show that I can stand out more if I try hard and Smike made me want to try.  It was a very enjoyable show which won’t be forgotten.”


Alex Duke, Tubby/Wackford, City of London Freeman School



Message 31 (October 2010)


“I enjoyed being part of the Squeers family and had lots of fun throwing my tantrum.”


Jessi Hampden, Fanny Squeers, City of London Freeman School



Message 30 (October 2010)


“From the miserable, wretched life of Smike to the (eventually) happy ending for Mike, it was fantastic to be part of this production.”


Angus Gillan, Smike, City of London Freeman School



Message 29 (October 2010)


“ I enjoyed the show, and the story line was really effective once the show came together.The part of Mrs Squeers was a brilliant character part that you could really put your own touch on and make it as big as you can.

The music was catchy and fun to learn, and it was a nice show to get to know the others because the cast worked together a lot rather than the principles working separately.”


Georgi Daniels, Durrington Theatrical Society


Message 28 (October 2010)


“ I would just like to say how I loved the show. My character was a challenging but fun part to play, It was great to do something different, and make it into an enjoyable experience in the end :) ”


Georgia x, Durrington Theatrical Society


Message 27 (October 2010)


“ I really loved playing Mr. Squeers in Smike.  It's the biggest part I've played and I thought it looked really hard to learn, but I did it and it was really worth it! Both the script and the music was brilliant and I enjoyed singing the songs, particularly 'Wackford, Fanny, Squeersy and Me'.  It was so exciting that Simon May actually came to see us perform and that was the night I performed my best!"


Will Watson (15), Durrington Theatrical Society


Go to Message board page 4 for more comments and photos

Message 38 (November 2010)


Tatworth Primary November 2010


Molly- I really enjoyed the Show. I loved the ‘Smike’ songs; they were so much fun .  Simon May came to Tatworth and talked to us about ‘Smike’. I loved it and it is an experience I will never forget.


Rosie-I loved the show; it was fantastic! I loved the songs; they are well and truly beautiful.  My favourite song was “Don’t let life get you down”.

It’s a magical song.


Sasha-It was a fantastic opportunity to work with Mr Simon May himself. We even got a chance to do a concert with him!  I was in his show, “SMIKE” and he came in to work with us then as well. Smike was an amazing show and although I can’t remember all of it the songs are great!


Lantis- It was really brilliant and I would like to do the play again, I loved all the songs especially “Doing things by numbers”, and “Don’t let life get you down.” I say many thanks to Simon for helping with the concert that we did!


James Driscoll – I loved working with Simon in the afternoon especially all the choreography we did. The concert was fantastic!

Simon was asking questions and my sister answered one of them.  It embarrassed me. Simon was extraordinary; thank you!!


Daniel- It was a brilliant Concert with Simon and  our Headteacher Mr. Knight helping us with the songs. I sang as a small group in ‘Believe’ and I liked the song “don’t let life get you down.” All thanks to Simon and thank you!!


Alex – I think that Simon May is a fantastic composer and I would love to relive the night.  I also enjoyed the songs and the choreography was fun!


Josh – I really enjoyed the songs and the bit where Simon sung questions to the audience!  They sung back some great replies!

James – I really enjoyed all the songs and it was a great evening!


Katie- I really enjoyed the songs and I liked it when Simon sang the question to the audience. My favourite song is ‘Don’t let life get you down’.


James  – I really enjoyed singing the songs. It was a privilege working with Simon at Holyrood Academy and doing the show with all the other performers.  I thought that it was amazing doing the show and I would like to do it all over again.



Message 37 (November 2010)


"Since watching a performance of Smike on BBC TV at Christmastime in the early 1970's starring Beryl Reid as Mrs. Squeers, I was hooked. Initially it was a one hour production but it was then extended into a full-length show enabling us to perform, what proved to be, a very exciting and lively production.  This is my fourth time of directing this fabulous musical, our third time in this theatre and it still manages to enthuse me, our crew and the cast alike.  I hope that Simon May feels that this talented cast of young people have done justice to his magnificent show."


Wallace Wareham, Director of Young Nomads production of Smike at King's Theatre, Newmarket October 2010




More comments from Young Nomads Theatre, Newmarket


Jenny Offley:  "I enjoyed every moment of it.  Music and storyline were brilliant.  One of the best shows I've been in.  Thanks :) "


Helen Gleed:  " I really enjoyed the show and loved the songs.  I really enjoyed the dancing.  I love the music themes, but I didn't understand the pictures at the beginning."


Megan Hey:  "Smike is a fantastic show!"


Lucy Turner: " An amazing atmosphere...the storyline was paired with catchy tunes and some breath taking chorus numbers."


Toby Mackrill:  "Smike will go down as one of my favourite musicals of all time"


Samuuel Hall:  "I can't stop talking about 'Smike'.  It is my first experience of doing a musical.  The songs are brilliant!"


Vincent Lockwood:  "Smike was amazing.  Also my Mum and Dad enjoyed it.  This has been one of my favourite shows that I have done at NOMADS."


Max Hewitt: "Smike has fuelled my enthusiasm for the theatre."


Jordan Bell: " Smike has helped me with confidence and to stand up for what I believe in'"


Tom Paisley:  "I rate 'Smike' 100,000,000 out of 10!"


Charlie O’Connor (Smike)  "Smike was amazing.  I had so much fun.  I wish I could do it again!".



Message 36 (November 2010)


Pictures taken from music workshop and concert at Rose Hill School, Tunbridge wells.


Message 35 (November 2010)


“Everybody at Rose Hill - the children, the staff and the parents were absolutely enthralled by the concert and songs from Smike'”


David Everist Head of Lower School and Director of Music


Message 39 (November 2010)


Picture taken from Tatworth Primary School.

Message 34 (November 2010)


Picture taken at of St. Martin's School, Northwood - compositional seminar


Message 33 (October 2010)


“I really enjoyed being in the DTS summer production of smike, especially playing the role of Smike! is was a great character to play because of the great (but challenging) songs and lines.”



Abi Farmery  Durrington Theatrical Society



Message 40 (June 2011)


Dear Simon,


I would like to start off by saying a huge thank you to your goodself for all the help and advice given to us through our preparations for Smike.  The performances were a great success and were enjoyed by the entire school community, children, staff, parents, grandparents etc.  It was a fantastic experience for all concerned and the music will be forever special to us.  Some of the boys who performed have now left to go on to Secondary School and they said that Smike will always be in their hearts.


I attach herewith some photos for you and once again many thanks.  It was a great pleasure dealing with you.


Kind regards.


Margaret McKernan

St. Colmcille's BNS, Dublin

Message 41 (July 2011)


‘Simon – a huge thanks for your time and effort this morning, from all of us here at Cranmore. You were very kind to the boys and I know they were very appreciative too. I know the boys will rise to the occasion on Monday and deliver a great show’.  


Richard Harris and Julie Collins, Cranmore School  




Pictures from Cranmore school below.

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